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Career Challenges

The major functions in thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (India) can be grouped as under :

Sales Function : Business Development
: Proposals
: Sales
Engineering Function : Process
: Mechanical
: Piping
: Instrumentation
: Electrical
: Civil
Implementation Function : Project Management
: Procurement & Estimation
: Inspection & Expediting
: Construction
: Planning
Support Services : Project Cost Control
: Information Technology
: Commercial
: Finance
: Human Resources
: Legal and Administration

Sales Function

Business Development

The Business Development Department plays the role of 'early bird' in the company's Sales Division. The key functions revolve around scanning the business environment, creating new markets, tapping opportunities in existing / new sectors, developing and maintaining close contacts with clients, assisting them in their project development phase, and bringing project concepts to a stage of enquiry realization. This involves marketing concepts, technologies and EPC services, depending on the specific needs of the client, our organisational expertise and the possibilities of forging alliances / partnerships, if necessary.


The Sales Function centres around converting business enquiries into contracts. Our team of experienced chemical engineers liaise with experts in the Chemical Industry, and, are involved in the sale of Chemical Technologies, EPC Services and LSTK Projects.


Our Proposals Department is mainly responsible for estimating the cost of the Plant and preparation of the appropriate Technical proposal with the company's Process Procurement, and other Departments. Engineers with the Proposals Department work to ensure that investment and operating costs are optimized. They continuously generate strategies that ensure more realistic offer prices, optimize taxes and duty structures, and rationalize offers from Vendors and Licensors.


Engineering Function


Chemical Engineers in the Process Department are involved in process design and commissioning of chemical complexes in our core competency areas of Fertilisers, Inorganic Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Refinery units, Pharmaceuticals, Cryogenic Storage Terminals and Utilities. In addition to the successful absorption of technologies for Caustic Soda, Hydrogen Peroxide, DAP, Nitric Acid and Cryogenic Storages, our Process Engineers are associated in Basic and Detailed Engineering and commissioning for various plants with several leading international Process Licensors.


Our Mechanical engineers are engaged in the detailed engineering of all static process equipment in chemical plants from reactors, columns, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, storage tanks, silos etc. in a wide variety of materials to suit the needs of the process medium. These equipments are designed and fabricated as per various international codes and standards such as ASME, BS, DIN, IS etc.



The Piping Group comprises the main Layout group supported by specialist groups for Specification, Stress Analysis, material handling and statutory compliances.

Our piping engineers work in a modern facility with a highly computerised environment, utilizing internationally-accepted 3D design tools like PDMS and PDS for plant layout, Caesar for stress analysis, and in-house developed software like IRP for specifications and Bill of Material calculations. These tools are applied across a diverse range of domestic and international engineering assignments.


A career in our Electrical Department offers a wide exposure to electrical systems and equipment. Our Electrical engineers are involved in the Basic Engineering, Inspection, Erection Supervision and Commissioning over everything from EHV Switchyards and equipment such as rectifiers and HT motors to power distribution to all consumers - including special systems and equipment for Petrochemical, Fertiliser and Captive Power Plants.



The Instrumentation Department is engaged in the entire gamut of Instrumentation engineering activities from Basic Engineering, Design, Procurement, Inspection and Supervision of Erection and Commissioning. Activity is largely computerized, and deploys state-of-the-art instrumentation and control systems.

The demands placed on Instrumentation engineers for engineering excellence is matched by our pursuit of software development - for innovative solutions addressing internal and external needs.


Our Civil Engineers work on a variety of domestic and overseas assignments, and consequently benefit from the exposure to a number of international civil design codes. In a predominantly computerized set-up, our in-house developed software, information systems and reference material complement our analysis / design activity.

The challenge for Civil Engineers lies in adapting fundamentals to the demands of chemical and industrial buildings / structures in tight time frames.


Implementation Function

Project Management

Quality, schedule and costs are the watchwords associated with Project Management. Our Project Mangers have ample opportunity to innovate and employ modern project management techniques to monitor and control these aspects of the Project, with the main aim of furthering the corporate image and customer satisfaction.

In today's world, completing projects within estimated cost and time schedules without compromising quality, is a challenge which conventional techniques may not adequately address. Innovation is called for at every step. This is all the more relevant when projects are executed on a Lumpsum Turnkey basis - something we are committed to.

Procurement & Estimation

We look beyond having the right material in the right place at the right time and price. We are desirous of building a team of "Specialized Buyers" for all major product groups.

The challenge for our Procurement & Estimation Department is to build sustainable relationships and ensure Vendor partnering with the best our domestic and international markets have to offer.

It means product knowledge, cost analyses and negotiation skills at the estimation stage of pricing, and the implementation stage of order placements. It means being cost-effective, and budget-oriented. And it means being entrusted with the responsibility of significant cost optimization in the competitive LSTK scenario.


Inspection & Expediting

Engineers in our Inspection & Expediting Department provide value to the engineering chain through the application of extensive knowledge concerning critical equipment and metallurgy being used for the project. They do this by inspecting the manufacturing process closely, and by initiating expediting exercises with the Vendor right from the Letter of Intent stage. Their job is to ensure compliance of quality standards and specifications and adherence to time schedules.

Our Inspection and Expediting team has developed in-depth knowledge of all critical equipment used in the industry - heat exchangers, absorption towers, distillation columns, reactors and absorption chambers, to name a few...


The Construction Department is responsible for managing the construction activity across all our sites in India and abroad. The assignments are consequently, by nature, arduous and challenging to say the least.

Our construction engineers, work with professionals skilled in various aspects of contract execution ranging from civil, mechanical and electrical. They draw upon their knowledge of construction activity, systems and equipment, quality control, field engineering and safety and environmental considerations.



Planning engineers play a key role in the project to ensure that schedules are met. They consequently function as a think-tank, a data bank, judicious time allocator, and event planner. To do this, they work with our extensive databases and our Primavera Project Planning System.

Support Services

Project Cost Control

Project Cost Control serves as the alarm bell and corrective arm of our Company - for scrutinizing the progress of the projects we are engaged in. The Project Cost Controller deploys a variety of analytical and and reporting tools and techniques in evaluating the project.

Information Technology

We regard Information Technology as a strategic tool to deliver tangible business value. Quick dissemination of information, integrated applications, connectivity, bandwidth and timely technology-driven solutions are amongst our focus areas.


Commercial Department

The Commercial Department is directly involved with the Company's business in so much as it interacts on various issues concerning the Company's projects, from the offer and negotiation stages through implementation and commissioning. At the offer stage, the Department provides critical inputs to the Sales Division with regard to the evaluation of risks, tender clarifications and key proposal-related cost inputs. At the post-tender stage, the Commercial Department engages in negotiations, and the drafting of the commercial clauses of the contract. In the implementation and commissioning stages of the contract, it concerns itself with project follow-up, insurance, imports and exports, invoicing, claims and receivables management, and contract cost accounting.

Finance Department

The role of our Finance Department revolves around the core function areas of Accounting, Taxation, Corporate Secretarial, MIS Reporting and Treasury Functions, as well as reporting to the parent company in Germany. The functional expertise includes accounting in IFRS, using HFM Tool, Group Accounts Consolidation, critical Reporting to Corporate Management, Operational Planning, international Taxation issues, and domestic Tax matters and deploying funds to earn maximum returns, without compromising on security and availability of funds at the right time.


Human Resources

It is our firm conviction that our employees are our Best Assets and we wish to be recognised as a great place to work. Our policies embody the 3R concept - Respect, Reward and Recognition and we ensure this is reflected across the organisation to bring out the best in our people.

With this in mind our HR Policies have been formulated so as to ensure that our approach to our employees are governed by the principles of mutual respect and trust.

The Human Resources Department plays a key role in identifying training needs and organizing training programs. Our Performance Management System has been designed with a view to ensuring that performers are identified and rewarded.