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Offsites & Utilities

We pay special attention ensuring that the exacting requirements involved in the design and engineering of Offsites & Utilities of mainstream plants are taken care of. These include process requirements, matching system design, future de-bottlenecking possibilities, provision for plant expansions and cost implications.

Our experience covers Offsites & Utilities for a mainstream Caprolactam Plant, VCM / PVC Plants, Polystyrene Plants, Linear Alkyl Benzene Plants, Caustic Soda-Chlorine Plants, Refinery Units, Metallurgy and Power Plants.


  • Tank Farms for Petrochemicals

    Large capacity tanks for Benzene, Kerosene, Paraxylene, Paraffins, Styrene…

    Tanks in Floating Roof and Fixed Construction Roof

  • Pressurised Storages

    Horton Spheres for VCM, Ethylene

    Bullets for Propylene, LPG etc.

  • Cryogenic Storages

    Cryogenic Storages with Refrigeration Systems

    Unloading & Despatch Facilities

  • Hot Oil Systems

    Fired Heater

    Closed Circulation Systems

  • Flare Systems

    Flare Systems for High / Low Pressures

  • Waste Water Systems

    Waste Water Collection, Treatment & Disposal


  • Water Systems

    Large Raw Water & Fire Water Storages

    Treatment Facilities for Raw Water

    DM Water & Soft Water

    Cooling Water – Open & Closed Loop System

  • Steam Generation & Distribution

    Water Tube, Smoke Tube, Waste Heat Boiler

    Multi-pressure Steam Networks

    Multi-pressure Condensate Recovery Systems

  • Nitrogen Generation & Distribution

    ASU-based Systems

    PSA-based Systems

    Membrane Separation-based Systems

    Cryogenic Storages & Pressure Storages

  • Air Systems

    Compressed Air

    Instrument Air

  • Refrigeration Systems

    Process Chilling

    Brine / Water Chilling