Refinery Units

Refinery Units

We provide EPCM and PMC Services for a variety of Refinery Units. We are presently associated with India's leading oil refining and marketing companies for their Motor Spirit Quality Upgradation and refinery refurbishment programmes. Further, in association with thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions, we offer Hydrogen plants, Sulfur Recovery Units and Aromatics extraction process, and knowhow and licences for the processing of lubricating oils, paraffins, white oils and the production of alcohols, ketones and ethers.

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Technologies (For more information on these technologies, please click here)

  • Aromatics Plants
  • Hydrogen Plants
  • Sulfur Recovery Units
  • Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK)
  • Iso Propyl Alcohol (IPA)
  • Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)


Other Technologies

  • Crude Distillation Units
  • Vacuum Distillation Units
  • Hydrocracker
  • Diesel Hydrotreater Units
  • Naphtha Hydrotreater
  • Continuous Catalytic Regeneration Reformer
  • Indmax FCC Unit
  • Diesel Hydro Desulphurisation
  • Gas Oil Hydro Desulphurisation Units
  • Visbreaker
  • Coker LPG Treatment Unit
  • Hydrogen Compression & Distribution System
  • Residue Upgradation (VGO-HDT, ATF & FCC LPG Merox)
  • Gasification (based on Coal / Petcoke / Biomass)
  • Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC)

Units for Motor Spirit Quality Upgradation projects :

  • Fractionation Unit
  • Isomerisation Reformer
  • Reformer De-heptaniser
  • Parex Unit
  • Indmax Gasoline Splitter
  • Light Naphtha Splitter
  • Isomerisation Unit
  • Naphtha Splitter
  • Reformate Splitter